About Tabex

 The main component of tabex is alkaloid cytisine .It is isolated  from Cytisune Laburnum. Quitting smoking tablets are supplied with chemically similar with nicotine substances which gets focused on stimulating receptors in the brain. But in comparison  with other tobacco cessation meds  cytisine has ability to addressed strong impetus to special part of the brain, protecting it from nicotine.

Eventually, symptoms gets way for fading out steadily .Benefits of this drug are substaintial.Firstly,it recoveries blood pressure  and pulse.Secondly,oxidation of the carbon returns to normal.Firdly, improves blood circulation and lung function.Fourdly, It reduces coughing and shortness of breath.Fively, The risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus and bile is halved, The risk of cervical cancer falls to the level of non-smokers. 

 After 2-5 years, the risk of stroke decreases to the level of non-smokers. By the way  it is crucial to count immediate benefits of quitting smoking. Meal seems to be more delicious, your body doesn’t smell with smoking, shortness of breathing is reduced while physical activity, nails and teeth doesn’t turns to yellow, you don’t have to search nervously places for smoking.Untill making decision about taking quitting smoking med  is urged to be consulted by specialist because at worst such unpleasant consequence as sickness and dizziness can be caused.

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