You Will Definitely Quit Smoking With Tabex

Quitting smoking can be difficult, especially if you have been smoking for many years. However, it is possible to stop smoking completely with the help of a smoking cessation product, such as Tabex. This product is based on the latest research on smoking cessation, and it can help you quit smoking successfully.

Cytisine is an H-cholinomimetic

Cytisine is an H-cholinomimetic and can be taken orally to control nausea and vomiting. It is extracted from the seeds of the cytisus laburnum plant. It is traditionally used as an emetic and purgative. However, it is important to note that taking cytisine can lead to nightmares.

Cytisine is a tricyclic quinolizidine alkaloid that binds to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors with a high affinity. The drug has several conformations and is able to bind to both AM1 and PM3 subtypes. Semi-empirical calculations have shown that structures 19 and 20 are more stable than other conformations. The difference between the structures is 3.7 kcal mol-1 at the AM1 level and 2.0 kcal mol-1 at the PM3 level. Ab initio calculations also show a smaller difference.

It is an H-cholinomimetic

Tabex is a prescription medication used to treat nicotine addiction. It is issued in a squamous contour package containing 20 tablets. It is an H-cholinomimetic that acts on nicotinic receptors in the vegetative ganglia and the respiratory center. It also promotes the release of adrenal adrenaline by chromafin cells and raises blood pressure. When taken regularly, Tabex decreases the body's dependency on nicotine and prevents the withdrawal syndrome associated with nicotine withdrawal.

While Tabex is known to suppress the craving for cigarettes, there are other side effects of using it. Some people report feeling malaise or a deterioration in general health. The drug may not work for everyone, and you should consult a physician before starting any treatment.

It is a nicotinic blocker

Tabex is a nicotinic acid antagonist that has a similar mechanism of action as nicotine. It works by activating nicotine receptors in the vegetative ganglia and by irritating chemoreceptors in the carotid sinus. It blocks nicotine's addictive properties and relieves the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine overdose. In addition to its effectiveness in helping smokers quit, Tabex is also a safer alternative to nicotine.

Studies have shown that the harm associated with smoking goes beyond the health effects. In addition to cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses, smoking causes psychological and physiological dependence. Nicotine addiction is a complex problem that requires therapy. The nicotinic blocker Tabex was developed by Sopharma on the basis of a synthetic alkaloid, Cytisine, which has similar effects to nicotine.

It is highly effective

Tabex is a nicotine replacement therapy that is highly effective, according to a clinical study. It is also similar to the upcoming drug varenicline, which may be available soon. Although varenicline has not been studied thoroughly, the data presented at conferences suggest that it is more effective than bupropion. It also has a much higher one-year abstinence rate than bupropion. Both drugs have similar mechanisms of action and may be effective in different settings.

The study included 342 smokers in total. The intervention was administered for one session before the patient quit smoking, followed by an additional session after the quit date. Nurses at the main session collected data on the demographic information of the participants, measured their heart rate, blood pressure and height, and asked them to answer two questionnaires related to smoking. The questionnaires also asked the participants about their tobacco use and smoking history. In addition to the study, written support materials were provided to the patients.

It is cost-effective

A recent study conducted by the Cancer Research UK Health Behaviour Research Centre has shown that tabex is an effective way to help smokers quit. The study used a standard methodology to calculate the cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation interventions. The results of the study suggest that Tabex is an effective and cost-effective alternative to nicotine patches and cigarettes.

The trial enrolled 438 smokers in a stop smoking clinic that provided free treatment to the local community. Participants were assessed for demographic and health history, and were evaluated for blood pressure, height, and expired-air CO levels. They also answered a questionnaire about nicotine dependence. Patients were excluded if they had a medical condition that made them ineligible for the trial, or were receiving treatment for another psychiatric disorder.

It is available only in Bulgaria

Tabex is a prescription anti-smoking drug produced by Sopharma AD, a Bulgarian pharmaceutical company. The pill contains cytisine, a nicotine substitute that targets receptors in the brain. It was developed during the Soviet Union but was not approved for use in Western Europe. After several years of testing and development in Eastern Europe, Sopharma began selling Tabex branded cytisine pills. In the past, however, the pill has only been available in Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe.

The laburnum tree is also a promising source of this new drug. Its laburnum sap can be used as a nicotine replacement, reducing the desire to smoke. The company is currently developing the drug, which may be more effective and less expensive than Chantix.

It is available in the U.S.

Tabex is a pill that is marketed to help smokers quit smoking. It was developed by Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma and licensed to Maryland-based Extab Corp. The drug is being tested and approved for sale in the U.S. and in other countries. A study involving 5 million patients in Eastern Europe concluded that Tabex had no side effects.

Tabex has been available in Poland for more than 40 years. It is used by many smokers there. In 2004, sales of the drug exceeded one million courses. It has undergone several clinical trials and phase II studies. However, these studies were not rigorous enough. Thus, if it were submitted today, it would not be licensed in the U.S.




3 X TABEX® (200 tablets x 1.5 mg) the recommended two-month course as shown by clinical studies

3 X TABEX® (200 tablets x 1.5 mg) the recommended two-m...

$250.00 $250.00

Three package of Tabex contains 300 tablets – You will definitely quit smoking. Tabex does not..

5x Tabex Buy 4x and get 1 free

5x Tabex Buy 4x and get 1 free

$250.00 $250.00

Five package of Tabex contains 500 tablets. Tabex does not cause changes in the psychophysiological ..

1 X TABEX® (100 tablets x 1.5 mg) one month course

1 X TABEX® (100 tablets x 1.5 mg) one month course


One package of Tabex contains 100 tablets – for a course of treatment in 25 days. Tabex does not ca..

2 X TABEX® (200 tablets x 1.5 mg) the recommended two-month course as shown by clinical studies

2 X TABEX® (200 tablets x 1.5 mg) the recommended two-m...

$250.00 $250.00

Two package of Tabex contains 200 tablets – for a course of treatment in two month. Tabex does not ..

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