2 X TABEX® (200 tablets x 1.5 mg) the recommended two-month course as shown by clinical studies

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Two package of Tabex contains 200 tablets – for a course of treatment in two month. Tabex does not cause changes in the psychophysiological state, does not impair the ability to drive vehicles and work with mechanisms. Tabex is available in pharmacies without a prescription.


I tried to quit smoking several times, using plasters and chewing gum.But there’s
no significant help. Tabex are said to be good meds to change situation.And I found
it useful.


These pills help my father and uncle quit smoking.They have been smoking for
more than 20 years. And they help me too . All recommends!


I smoked for almost 20 years. I bought TABEX and started drinking. On the fifth
day, cigarettes were completely finished. From the sixth day to this day, I don’t
smoke and don’t want to. Already the fourth month has gone.I’m satisfied with the

Pros: The package was delivered to me in 3 days in Boston, very quickly.

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